January 19, 2013

Christmas Round 2

January 19, 2013

After finishing up Christmas morning at our house we headed to the lake to my Father In Law’s house.  We always do Christmas lunch there.  Chris is one of five so there is always a large crowd during holidays.  All of his siblings were there except for Aunt Allison and her husband.  They were sorely missed.  Christmas Day was certainly not the same without them!

There were nine children and they all had lots of fun opening gifts!  Well… seven of them did.  Baby Beckham and Baby Daniel were clueless, but sweet nonetheless.


All the kids get a spot on the floor and the gifts are separated into piles… then it’s a free for all!  I really prefer the “one at a time method”, but I am out ranked on that decision.


Cousin Jennifer holding Baby Beckham for the first time.  She’s a baby whisperer!


Claire did not know what to think about all the gifts.


Colton received a remote control car/truck and really liked it!


It is always fun hanging out with family that we do not get to see that often.


Poppy enjoyed all the fun!


Of course the Superhero enjoyed his new gift too!


Claire received all things Princess / Cinderella for Christmas and she has been in princess heaven ever since!  She loves this Cinderella dress and wears it all the time!  She has so much play jewelry now too… sometimes she wants to wear every piece.  Sometimes it looks like she just got back from Mardi-gras.


She is definitely our girly girl!

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