January 21, 2013

Christmas round 3 …

January 21, 2013

One nice thing about our “family situation” is that we really get to spread Christmas out for a few days.  We celebrated Christmas with my mom Christmas Eve and then we went to Nana and Pap’s house the day after Christmas.


My mother in law could spending every waking moment making quilts!  She loves every step of the process.  So for Christmas we took snap shots (and found old pictures) of all the quilts she had made for our family and put them in a photo album for her.  We knew we had a LOT of quilts, but we were shocked when we laid them all out and counted them!  I think we had around thirty!  She has also done wall hangings, crib bedding, window treatments, and she made our shower curtain in one of our bathrooms.


Colton looks so old in the picture!  I cannot believe how big he is getting.  It shocks me to think in August I will have a Kindergartener.


Colton loves puzzles!  I think he received four this Christmas.


Beckham chilled out with momma and Pap most of the time. 

He was so good the entire time… you know, except for the big blow out he had ;)


Claire received that Tiara and most of those necklaces the day before at her Papaw’s, but she insisted on wearing them to Nana’s!


Cousin Bryson loved all his gaming accessories!


One of my favorite things at my mother in laws at Christmas is the stockings.  She made each of these and they have have a line from “The Night Before Christmas”.  My sister in law is expecting so Nana will have to make one more for next Christmas!


I love the look Keylee is giving Claire… ha ha


It’s a gigantic Cinderella doll!!


Claire checking out her Cinderella quilt that Nana made… she loved it!  Did I mention she received a ton of Cinderella stuff… she loves it all.  Lately she has been sleeping with her Cinderella Barbie doll she received from Aunt Allison and this quilt.

We had a wonderful Christmas… we are blessed FAR more than we could ever possibly deserve. 

Now I am ready for Spring!

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