January 31, 2013

Running Accessories… Roo Sport

January 31, 2013

This is my third week of Half Marathon training.  It has been difficult getting back in the saddle post baby, but I can already tell my body is responding well.  It helps so much having running buddies to help hold you accountable.  5:30am comes super early for me, but when I know someone is counting on me it makes it easier to roll out of bed. 

I have ran into a small problem though…

As many of you know, I am now a mini-van mom.  While I love my van, I sorely miss driving a Ford because I miss my key pad entry!  The key pad entry came in so handy when I went for a run.  I could lock my keys up in the car and use the keypad to get back in.  Thus, eliminating the need to carry them with me.  Right now while it is cold I can put the keys in my jacket, but what I am going to do when it gets warmer and I am not wearing a jacket?  Yeah, yeah lots of clothes have small pockets for carrying items, but lets face it, those pockets are too small!  My key is a remote key and it will not fit in those tiny pockets and do not even get me started on trying to pack energy gels on my long runs.  During the Knoxville Half I put my energy gummies in my top and that did not work out so well.

So, I did what any reasonable person would do and I ask for some suggestions from some other mother runners.  Overwhelmingly so many of them suggested Roo Sport.  This is a cool little pack with magnet that will snap to your shorts or running pants/carpis. 

roo 1

I have heard that it will not bounce around and it will also not chafe.  I have always been wearing of wearing a running belt because something bouncing around would drive me crazy!  It also appears to be large enough to carry my keys, cell phone, as well as some energy gels!  No more getting caught out on long runs without a pick me up.

roo 3

After checking out their website I saw that the Roo also has an opening for your headphones.  This will be great for me because I have an Ipod Shuffle and the clip is so small that it does not stay on my pants good and irritates me when I snap it to my top.

roo 2

I cannot wait to get my Roo Sport and try it out!

So what are your favorite running accessories??

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