January 22, 2013


January 22, 2013

If you live in East Tennessee you are never too surprised to see the temps go from low 70’s on Saturday and then 2-3 inches of snow on the ground the following Thursday.  Yep, that just happened!  We had a beautiful weekend followed by several days of nasty cold rain and then Thursday afternoon the snow started to fall.  It was one of the prettiest snowfalls I have ever seen. 

Most of the time when it snows it is over night so you miss seeing the beauty of it all.  This was not the case last week.  I enjoyed so much watching the snow storm roll in and cover the ground.  An hour into the snow I heard thunder and saw lightening.  It was the wildest thing every.  You can read more about it on Wikipedia.  Apparently it is not complelty uncommon and is called Thundersnow.  This thundersnow usually result in a large amount of snow quickly.

It had rained all morning … cold rain!  It was 37 when I picked Colton up from school at 11:30 and was pouring outside.  Then the rain turned to sleet and then before we knew it, snow!

This is when it first started snowing … I took this picture at 1:46pm


2:06 pm


3:13 pm


The snow had just started when Colton and Claire went down for naps.  They were so excited when they woke up!

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