February 4, 2013

{Giveaway} SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security System

February 4, 2013
Chris and I have been looking for a home security system for a long time.  We have looked into different security systems, but have never felt comfortable with the options that were available.  Recently, we had a scare and it really lit a fire under us so Chris got back on the web and did a bunch of research.  He quickly came across SimpleSafe.

One of the first things that stuck out was that SimpliSafe is endorsed by Dave Ramsey!  Financially, Dave is not going to steer you into the wrong direction so Chris immediately started to dig deeper into their website and before I knew it he had ordered us our very own home security system!  I think what helped seal the deal for my husband was that there was no pricey monthly monitoring charge and no contract!!  Why should you have to sign a contract?!

The monitoring (if you choose alarm monitoring) is only $14.99 a month and we will probably save around $10 a month on our homeowner’s insurance.  Most companies lock you into a 2-3 year contract and charge anywhere from $30-$50 a month for monitoring.  The wireless feature is also something that I love.  If the power ever goes out you are still protected.  If an intruded were to cut your phone line you are still protected because SimpliSafe works off of a cell phone signal. If you do not have good cell reception in your area no fear, you can hook it up to your home phone or internet.

Our system arrive a few days after Chris ordered it.  Everything came nicely packaged along with extra adhesive strips and step by step instructions.  The complete set up literally took my husband under half an hour!  It took longer to get it out of the packaging than to install.  Everything came in the box pre programmed with the lithium batteries installed and adhesive strips ready-mounted.  This do it yourself home security system is super simple to install. All of the components come with 3M adhesive strips that will not damage your walls. 

The system has both an away and a home setting.  When you’re home you can put it in home mode for partial activation of your system.  You can choose what features you want on or off while on home mode.  For us we deactivate the motion sensors, but we still have on the door chimes. 

Yesterday morning my 2 1/2 year old opened our sliding glass doors to go out and see the snow.  I was in my room feeding Beckham and my husband was in the basement doing laundry.  The system was set off with a beeping sensor, but gave us enough time to go and disarm the system before the alarm was set off.  This home setting makes me feel so much more secure now because I spend a great deal of time at home alone with our children during the day.

The keychain remote is also a nice feature.  Sometimes when I am coming home my hands are full and getting in the door can be a hassle.  With the keychain remote I can simply deactivate (or activate) the alarm with the press of a button on my keychain.  There is also a Panic Button so if my husband or I ever find ourselves in need of immediate assistance we can simply press and hold the panic button.  This will alert SimpliSafe that we are in immediate danger and the police will be dispatched.

This system is also completely portable which will come in handy when we sell our home. We can simply take the system down, pack it up and install it in our new home. If we need to add components such as door sensors we simply go to their website and order what we needSimpliSafe also has an additional / upgrade plan that will send you SMS text alerts whenever the system is armed or disarmed and will also alert you when the system is triggered.  Seriously the benefits are never ending with this system!

Here is the best news of all… SimpliSafe is giving away this awesome 8 Piece Plus Package to one of you!!

simpli safe

If you win, you will receive this 8 piece “plus” package along with 1 month of FREE service!!  A value of $274.94 (8 piece package is $259.95 and 1 month of service is $14.99).
8 piece Plus Package Includes:
1 Base Station
1 Wireless Keypad
1 Motion Sensor
4 Entry Sensors
1 Keychain Remote
If you need additional equipment you can always go back to SimpleSafe’s website and purchase what you need.  You can add features at any time! 

So who is ready to win an awesome home security system?  Use the Rafflecopter below to enter the giveaway!!

If you are not familiar with Rafflecopter and cannot figure out how to enter the giveaway just watch this quick video!

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