February 18, 2013

I can Do This

February 18, 2013

After having Beckham I thought it would take forever for me to get back into my running groove.  The first week out was rough.  I was so paranoid about prolapse, my uterine area was tender, and not to mention I was carrying around about 20 extra pounds.  I started slow with a goal in mind.  I wanted to get back to where I could run 3-4 miles pain free so that I could start training for the Knoxville Half Marathon.

Last April, seven weeks pregnant I completed the Knoxville Half.  It was seriously the most amazing race.  Granted I have not done that many races, but I knew this race was special.  For one – its not an easy flat course.  It is a true test of your athletic ability and when you finish you know you have done something amazing.  The race goes through campus which I LOVE!  I am crazy about my alma-mater and any chance to be involved in something on campus you can count me in!  Finishing on the 50 yard line of Neyland Stadium is just icing on the 13.1 mile cake :).

So I made out a training schedule and last month set it in motion.  I have two friends that are game and wanting to train too (one for the Knoxville half and one for the Nashville half).  Getting up at 5:30am is much easier when you know there is someone counting on you to be there so they can run too!  So the girls and I have been bundling up and busting on some miles on the pavement!

Last week we got in 15 miles!  Yes, 15 miles.  Can I tell you how wonderful it is to be back on track!?


We did two days at four miles and then Saturday is our long run day.  This Saturday we pulled in seven miles!!  I was so excited about the run I could hardly stand it!


Honestly, I felt like my old self again!  I can do this… I can actually do this and I am so stinkin stoked about it!

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