February 19, 2013

Valentine's Day

February 19, 2013
Chris and I rarely buy each other gifts on holidays.  When holidays roll around if we buy something it is usually something for the house.  However, Chris has been known to surprise me from time to time.  A few years ago he surprised me with a new computer for Christmas.  When Valentine’s day rolled around this year I was really not expecting much more than a card.  His cards are always more than enough!

Thursday morning when I came in from my run I spotted this on the kitchen table.  He had just finished working out and was unloading the dishwasher – another reason I love him so much!  ha ha.


It was seriously the sweetest thing ever!
I was really surprised when I opened the box!


It was a new watch… I have not worn a watch in years so I was so excited to get a new one.  The first birthday gift that Chris bought for me was a watch and I wore it until it was worn out!  So this gift was kind of extra special.

I wanted to make Valentine’s day special for the kiddos too so we started with a fun pancake breakfast!


I used my Pampered Chef Creative Cutters to cut heart shaped pancakes for them.  We love buck-wheat pancakes.


Colton is not a breakfast person… well… he’s really not much of a food person so getting him to eat an early breakfast before school is always a struggle.  He did manage to eat two pancake hearts ;)


Colton and I made these cute little valentines for his classmates!  Chris ordered the toothbrushes for me on Amazon – the writing on the back was all foreign – Japanese I think.


Claire and I used our creative cutters some more at lunch!  She was pretty fond of her pink marshmallows.  She loves marsh-mellons as she calls them.


I would have to say it was a great Valentine’s day!  How was your day?  Link your post up below!

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