March 25, 2013

A Great Day

March 25, 2013

Two weeks ago we had such a beautiful day… perfect for the park.  Colton has been asking to go and ride his scooter so at the first site of sunshine we were out the door.

Beckham hung out in his car seat and stroller for a little bit while the other two played.  I loved getting him out for some natural vitamin D!


This climbing wall is one of their new favorite things at the park.  The Superhero with his bum arm did his best to help Claire…


…while Colton did it all on his own.


It is hard to believe that he use to be SOOO timid and so reluctant to try new things.  My little guy is growing up so quick.  I just do not know what to do with myself!


“Colton!”… “Colton! Come on!”


We had a great day!

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