April 9, 2013

4 Months

April 9, 2013




14 pounds & 12 ounces


25 1/2 inches long and still in the 90th percentile!


You are wearing 6-9 months clothing.

Feeding & Sleeping:

During the day you are doing awesome.  We are currently transitioning to a 3.5 hr schedule.  Since the time change we are having issues with nighttime, but I am hoping that will adjust soon!

Other stuff:

We have been a lot more tummy time and on March 5th you rolled over for the first time!  We were all in Colton’s room after bath time … I had turned around and Colton said, “mom Beckham rolled over”.  I was totally shocked and a little disappointed that I missed it.  Colton was super excited that he got to see it.


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