April 1, 2013

{Toddler Lesson #1}–My Punishment

April 1, 2013

Dinnertime can sometimes be the most enjoyable time of our day.  Sitting around the table as a family is important to both Chris and I – even if we are having take-out.  It is a good time to sit together as a family and talk about our day.  We all take turns sharing what went on that day.  Chris will share a little about his work day and then we make our way around the table and ultimately end up trying to pull stuff out of Colton about what went on at school.

Colton likes to tell us about reading circle (his favorite part of the day) and will talk about playtime.  I try to get him to share about his bible story for the day, but I normally do not get much of a response.  Last Thursday while eating dinner Colton was telling us about what had went on earlier that day at school.  They had a little Easter party and during playtime they watched a movie about Easter.  We of course took this time to talk about Easter and Jesus dying on the cross only to raise from the grave three days later.  In the midst of our conversation Colton interrupts and says, “He took the punishment for our sin”.  Chris and I could barely finish our bites of food.  Chris got that deep down gut happy belly laugh.  You know, the one where you do not know whether to cry or laugh with joy.  Of course I welled up with tears.  Chris confirmed to Colton that what he said was true.  I finished the rest of dinner with such a thankful heart that my little man is learning about our Lord.  Hearing my little four year old come out with “He took the punishment for our sin” was almost more than I could stand.

Good Friday is a day of remembrance of the crucifixion of Christ – the entire day I thought about what Colton said.  So thankful that my little toddler helped remind me that Jesus did not just die on the cross, but he was crucified for my sin… He took the punishment for my sin.  Glory to His name!

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