May 30, 2013

Every moment

May 30, 2013

I have been browsing through all my pictures in an attempt to get organized.  You know, delete the duplicates or blurry pictures.  Make sure everything is in the correct folder according to date.  All that fun stuff that I do not have time to do.  Anyway… while  browsing I came across these two pictures.  They are two of my favorites of my husbands grandmother.

This picture is of Nanny, my husbands grandmother and her son in law Tom.  He is a big hoot and can make anyone smile.  I remember this day so vividly.  This was probably one of Nanny’s last trips down to the dock. 

9-5-10 (11)

Claire was just a few months old and we put her on the boat (while docked of course) to get her picture taken with her great-grand parents.  This is such a sweet photo – one that I think needs to be framed.

9-5-10 (21)

Nanny is ill now with Alzheimer's.  What I would not give to have one more moment like this.  Time is short… time is precious.  I am trying my best to live in the moment, every moment.

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May 29, 2013

Tough Choice

May 29, 2013

Beckham has found his voice… in a BIG way!

Here he cannot decide though what he wants to do.  Do I want to scream…


suck my thumb???


or maybe just suck on my toe…


such a tough choice!

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May 28, 2013

Happiest Baby On the block!

May 28, 2013


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May 27, 2013

LIttle MIght

May 27, 2013

One of my best girlfriends came up for a visit a few weeks ago.  We were sitting in the dining room chatting while the kiddos were playing outside – I looked out the window and saw this:


Honestly, it cracked me up!  I don’t know if it is the fact that little “M” is trying her best to pull the wagon or that Claire is holding on to that broom!


Looking at pictures now – it is kind of funny that Colton did not help!  I mean gee-whiz, could he not offer the little might a helping hand!?

On the other hand – she is a bit snappy just like her counter-part, Claire… he could have offered and she could had firmly declined the help.  We will never know


Never a dull moment!

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May 26, 2013


May 26, 2013

I really cannot decide which picture is sweeter.

Beckham snuggled up with Daddy…


or Colton snuggled up with his book!


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Promotions & Company Love

If it has been slow around my blog the last few months… well… this is why:

My Pampered Chef business had TAKEN OFF in a big way! 

Bigger than I ever thought possible.

In March I promoted to Director with The Pampered Chef.  Then before I knew it April rolled around and I promoted to Advanced Director.  Our lovely CEO sent me these flower with my Advanced Director Promotion.


I could spend hours telling you why I love this company and just how much I love this company.  It has changed my future for sure!  I love it so much that I want to share it with everyone I know. 


Are you looking for some extra cash? Maybe you were/are like me and you need a guilt free mom’s night out. Well… I have the solution! Please shoot me an email – send me a message – leave me a comment! I would love to share more with you!

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May 25, 2013

Lunch With Daddy

May 25, 2013

One of their favorite things to do is to meet Daddy for lunch and go to our favorite pizza spot!  This is usually a treat one or two Friday’s a month…

Hmmm… now that I think about it… we have not been this month!


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First Time on the Swing

Yep, you guessed it… this was Beckham’s first time on the swing!


My Mother in Law was outside with Colton & Claire… then she came in and got Beckham and brought him out.  Next thing I know I looked out and saw Beckham in the swing.  I just about had a heart attack.  Not because she was swinging him, but because I almost missed his first time in the swing.


Yes, I am that crazy mom that like to capture everything on camera… the lack of space on my computer proves this to be true.


Just as expected… he really enjoyed it!

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3 Babies

This play mat has made its way through three babies!  I still cannot believe I am a mom of three!

Seems like not that long ago Colton was this size…

1-13-09 (4)

1-13-09 (8)

Then came little sister… such a sweet baby… and looked so much like her big brother!


This picture of Colton… ohhh it melts my heart!


And now this brown eyed beauty!


Be still my heart!

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May 24, 2013

Toes… Toes… and More Toes

May 24, 2013

Not only does he love his thumb, but he really loves his toes!


Flexibility at its finest…


Seriously cracks me up!


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Long Lost Post…

Some how this post did not get posted and I did not want to miss it… this was such a fun day…


My sister in law and her little on came for a visit last month.  They live about 10 hours away now so anytime there are near we try to get together.  We miss them SOOO much!  Baby K is getting so big – not so much a baby anymore!


Claire found the Snow White costume in the closet and it was on after that!  She was a princess for the rest of the day – not that she needs a costume to make her a princess, but you know … the outfit helps ;)


Papaw and his girls!  Such a sweet picture!


These kids love to throw rocks!!


I love this picture of Claire!


I think this guy needed a haircut!



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I love these two… so much sometimes it feels like my heart is going to explode!!


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Papaw’s Boy

Whenever Colton sees his Papaw one of the first things he says is “Hey Papaw!  I’m your Papaw’s boy!”.  It is really super cute and melts my heart.   I did not grow up knowing any of my grandfathers so I just find it extra sweet to see how much Colton loves my father in law.  I have a feeling though that Papaw now has another admirer!


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May 23, 2013


May 23, 2013

Words really are not necessary!


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Easter Baskets

I love putting Easter baskets together for Colton & Claire (and next year Beckham).  It is fun to buy little odds and ends for them.
Colton was pretty intrigued by Claire’s basket.
We bought him a glove for tball.  He was super excited.
I think one of his favorite things were the pretzel goldfish!  This kid loves carbs.
I bought Claire this little microphone – they both love it!  They use it at least once a day to sing a song to someone!  Whether that someone is each other or to Beckham.  These two love to sing sing sing.
Colton loved this slinky, but it was ruined in a few short days – I will not be purchasing another one of these.
Claire is holding the cutest little Cinderella doll.  It came with the doll as well as her ball gown and her dish-maid clothes.  She loves to change the outfits.

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Easter Sunday

Easter is one of my favorite holidays for many reasons.  In the life of a Christian it is a day of celebration… celebrating the resurrection of our Savior!  It also marks the beginning of spring – however, it was COLD this Easter.
Colton & Claire love their little brother.  This picture melts my heart!
I love these two boys!
Of course we had to get a picture with cousin Bryson!  This makes my heart happy!

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