May 9, 2013

5 Months

May 9, 2013

So here we go again… I’m a month delayed… but hey better late than never!  At least I actually remembered to take the picture, I just forgot to post it!

This is my sweet little man at 5 months old!!!


We did not have a 5 month well child visit so I do not have weight and height, but Beckham is growing like a weed!

Feeding & Sleeping:

We made the transitional to a four hour routine during the day and this fixed out night time sleeping issues.  Beckham we still have you in your pack-n-play at night and now we have it in the living room.  Your crib is in Colton’s room, but you make noises at night and Colton is not a big fan of noises while he is sleeping.  Hopefully soon you will get to join your brother in his room every night!!  I think your favorite place to sleep is in mommy and daddy’s bed.  This will soon have to change because you are getting more mobile.  Beckham you get so distracted from eating if Daddy is in the room and sometimes when Colton and Claire are in the room… it is cute and frustrating all at the same time. 

Other stuff:

the art of rolling over.  The funny thing is you roll more from your back to stomach than from your stomach to back.  When you are sleeping you want to be on your stomach.  You are still the happiest little/big guy ever. 

You have discovered your voice big time!  You make random loud noises, especially while in the car.  You have learned to blow raspberries too – thus the need for a constant bib!  We finally put you in the Bumbo and you seem to like sitting up in it.

You still look very much like Daddy and I would not have it any other way!


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