May 23, 2013

Easter Baskets

May 23, 2013
I love putting Easter baskets together for Colton & Claire (and next year Beckham).  It is fun to buy little odds and ends for them.
Colton was pretty intrigued by Claire’s basket.
We bought him a glove for tball.  He was super excited.
I think one of his favorite things were the pretzel goldfish!  This kid loves carbs.
I bought Claire this little microphone – they both love it!  They use it at least once a day to sing a song to someone!  Whether that someone is each other or to Beckham.  These two love to sing sing sing.
Colton loved this slinky, but it was ruined in a few short days – I will not be purchasing another one of these.
Claire is holding the cutest little Cinderella doll.  It came with the doll as well as her ball gown and her dish-maid clothes.  She loves to change the outfits.

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