May 23, 2013

Easter Egg Hunt

May 23, 2013

This spring we had a nice little Easter Egg Hunt at our church.  Colton and Claire were so excited!


It is virtually impossible to have everyone looking and smiling at the camera all at the same time!


I know I have said it a million times before, but Colton is seriously such a little lover…


Claire… well she could take it or leave it.


Once the hunt started the two of them darted off in different directions.  I stayed with Claire and Chris tagged along with Colton.  DSC_0430

The funniest part of the day was when I was trying to point out all the eggs to Claire and she says, “NO!!  I want a pink one!” 


So for the first 45 seconds all she wanted to pick up were the pink eggs – then she quickly realized that getting the other eggs were fun too!


This is such a fun age…


When it was over they compared eggs…


Both were so excited with their lute!

This is one of my favorite pictures!


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