June 26, 2013

Heaven & Sweet Innocence

June 26, 2013

Colton and Claire have finally put together that their grandparents are mine and Chris’ parents.  Just last week Claire said to Chris, “I saw your mom today”.  Instead of saying “Nana”.  It was so funny and so random.  If I mention something to Chris and say “your dad” and Colton over hears he will say, “your dad is Papaw”.   A few times – months ago – Colton ask about my dad.  He ask Chris and then later on ask me.  I guess he has never seen him or heard us talk of him and he was curious.  It was a very brief conversation and then we moved on.

My father passed away four years ago.  It is a tough subject – one that I prefer to not talk about very often.  I often remember the bad instead of the good and I prefer not to – so in order to not think about the bad I do not think about it at all.  I know… I know, probably not the healthiest thing ever, but that is how I have chosen to deal with it.  Last night though – Claire helped me in a way that only a child could. 

Claire was painting with water colors as I was cleaning up after dinner.  The boys were all in the other room playing together.  Claire mentioned that she was painting a picture for her daddy and then ask me, “who is your daddy momma”.  I said, “Claire my daddy is in heaven”.  Then, just as sweet and innocent as only a child could be she said, “oh and Jesus and God are taking good care of him”.   She stopped me in my tracks.  I went over and sat down beside her and she repeated herself looking for my reassurance.  I held back the tears and kissed her sweet little head and said, “yes baby God is taking good care of him”.

So thankful for the hope of Heaven!

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