June 2, 2013

Sleep Habits

June 2, 2013

People often say “you are so lucky to have good sleepers”.  While I agree that Chris and I are definitively blessed to have children who nap and sleep good at night, it was not without a little work.  When people find out that all three of our kiddos nap and sleep good at night they usually ask “how do you get them to sleep so good”.  The funny thing is – most do not want to hear the answer.  Or once they hear the answer they think it is for everyone, but their child.


While in college I was SO fortunate to have the opportunity to be a nanny for a family of six.  At the time when I started they had four toddlers four and under!  The youngest two were twins.  At naptime the mom would take them to their rooms and lay them down, walk out of the room and the kids napped for 2 hours!  Twice a day!  I could not believe it.  I ask her about their great sleeping habits and she told me about Preparation for Parenting.  It is a basic WAKE – EAT – PLAY – SLEEP system that helps you in establishing good sleep habits and in the end happy babies!

On days like today when I have a million things to do I am eternally grateful that I was introduced to GrowingKids.org.  So as I am typing this all three of my kiddos (even my almost five year old) are down for naps.  Now I can catch my breath, have a few moments to myself and get some things accomplished like writing in my blog and entering Pampered Chef orders. Things that I cannot really do when the children are awake.

It breaks my heart when I hear moms say that they are so exhausted and their children do not sleep through the night.  It seems like more and more I am hearing moms tell me how they have to lay down with their kids to get them to sleep or just co-sleep all together.  I desperately want to tell them that life does not have to be exhausting and they too can have great sleepers!!

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