July 21, 2013

Making Memories BBQ Style

July 21, 2013

These are 5 of the best guys in the world!  I feel so blessed to be able to say that Colton and Claire and now Beckham have been able to meet their great grandfather!


This was the company bbq this year… I try to snap a picture of them every year.  It is so much fun to go back and look at the old pictures.


I cannot find the picture from last year, but this is the picture from 2011.  I cannot believe how much my babies have changed.  Not only that I do not think my husband as age a day! 


The next two are from 2010!  Claire’s first bbq…

6-24-10 (1) BFI Picnic

Look at my boy!  Oh… be still my heart!!!

6-24-10 (3) BFI Picnic

Lastly, 2008… Colton’s first bbq.  Wow.  Time sits still for no one!

6-27-08 (3)

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Baby Proof

This little guy is so sweet and so easy going!


Here he is at almost 8 months old.  He is wild about Colton and Claire.  He lights up when they walk in the room.


He really likes to get ahold of Claire’s hair and surprisingly enough she does not make a big fuss over it – Colton is another story – kid cannot stand his hair pulled!


This is him before he was crawling – he would get up on his hands and knees and rock back and forth for a minute and then sit back up.


He has now mastered the art of crawling and I am back to baby proofing our house.  So happy though that I have a need to baby proof!

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July 20, 2013

Girl Mom

July 20, 2013

Claire is sweet and girly.  She loves to care for her baby brother and comfort those who are sad.  She is the first to greet you at the door when you come home and always assures me, “momma I was a good gurl for daddy”.

She talks about Jesus and heaven a lot! However, she is not sure that she wants to take her princesses to heaven with her – “I will love those in my room”.  When you ask her who she want to pray for she says “every body”, even the sick chicken.  She has a sweet disposition, but do not cross her because she can snap in the blink of an eye.  Not sure where she gets that fiery temper.  Ha!

I love her curls – or circles as she calls them… and I love her sweet hugs and kisses.

She is not a fan of looking at the camera when I am taking snapshots…


… but when she does it melts my heart!DSC_1136

I love being a girl mom… but most of all… DSC_1137

I love being this girls mom!

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July 19, 2013

Friends & Chickens

July 19, 2013

A few weeks ago our friends and their children joined us at the lake.  It was the day of my last half marathon.  My girlfriend Christine ran too then she went home, packed up her crew and headed our way.

We had a great time in the pool – I forgot my camera – and then we came back over to let the girls meet the chickens!  Colton and Claire love the chickens so they wanted to show their friends ;)


Mayela was a big fan and in typical fashion she took to bossing them around.  We were cracking up!  She is a firecracker – so much like Claire.


Claire and Colton love Mulan (the first and second one).  Any time Claire gets her hands on a stick she re-enacts the first scene from the second movie.


Chris showed the four of them how to roll down the hill… DSC_0993

I am thinking Mayela was the only one to give it a real go.


and then Daddy had to take the stick… needless to say she was not a happy camper.


These kiddos are four of my favorites!


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July 18, 2013

My Guys

July 18, 2013

There is not doubt that Beckham looks just like his Daddy.  I am thrilled to say that he also has his Daddy’s laid back personality.  Blessed… just simply blessed!


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July 13, 2013


July 13, 2013

Thanks Papaw for the ice cream!!

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July 10, 2013

Mister Magoo

July 10, 2013

My father in law calls this Beckham’s Mister Magoo face.  We LOVE it!


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July 9, 2013

Little Picnic

July 9, 2013

These two fuss like no other, but I think they would rather be spending time with each other more than anyone else! 

They really enjoyed their little picnic in the front yard.


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July 7, 2013


July 7, 2013

Claire enjoyed cheering on Colton during his tball season this year!  It was so cute hearing her cheer on her brother!  “Run Colton Run!!”


As much as they fuss and aggravate one another, they really do love each other SOOOO much!!

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July 6, 2013

Baseball Guy

July 6, 2013

Chris is a baseball guy… I guess you could say that was “his sport”… He knows his stuff.  It was so special during one particular game when he helped out on the field.  When I saw him and Colton together on the field it almost brought me to tears.  Yes, I’m a mush!



Beckham enjoyed hanging out at the ball field too!


My favorite was seeing Chris coach him from third base.


Run Colton run!!

DSC_0573     DSC_0574

This is going to be our life during spring for the next twelve years… and I am totally okay with that!  Love my little baseball player!

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July 5, 2013


July 5, 2013

This is an oldie, but goodie… they crack me up!


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Wordless Wednesday

I love this face!


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Tball–His First Game

Colton just finished up tball a few weeks ago.  It had us busy – away from home three nights a week, but it was so much fun!  After his first practice he immediately loved it.  He came off the field and said, “momma I had so much fun!”.  He had a super nice coach who was SO patient and kind.


This was his first game – needless to say I was so excited!  I think Chris was too, he just does a better job at containing his excitement. 
Playing pitcher is his favorite.
We had so much fun watching him play and cannot wait until next season!

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July 4, 2013

Colton’s First Race

July 4, 2013
Prior to the Knoxville Half this year Colton ran the Kids 1 mile Fun Run!  I have a bunch of pictures I took with my phone and cannot find them.  However, this one is super sweet and shows how excited he was to finish!  I had such a fun time with him and we are already planning his next run.

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Knoxville Half Marathon 2013

Side Note: I have had this post drafted for a long time – obviously a long time because this was race was in April.  However, post Boston I found it hard to hit the publish button on this post.  After receiving my Runners World this past month which was fully dedicated to Boston I realized it was important to continue to share my running with all those who wanted to read… So here you go!
This was the flag at the start of the Knoxville Half Marathon this year.
Happy Independence Day!
When I found out I was pregnant last March one of the first things I did was look at the calendar – counted out 6 weeks from my due date to see if that left me enough time to train for the Knoxville Half Marathon.  The race was scheduled for the first Sunday in April which gave me just about 12 weeks. 
Plenty of people shook their head and told me I was nuts to try to run that far that soon after having a baby, but I was determined.  So January 1st of this year I started my training plan!
I have always been blessed with great running partners and this year has been no exception.  I have had the wonderful opportunity to train with a sweet Godly young lady, Abi.  This was her first half marathon – I think I was more excited for her than I was for myself!
Here we are right before jumping into our corral…
Abi took her phone along on the race – something that I have been wanting to do.  She captured a lot of great photos!  This one cracked me up.  “You just passed a Kenyan … You’re doing a great job!”
This sign was so funny… and one of many in about a 2 mile radius.  Lots of runners stopped to snap their photos next to these signs.
Abi’s mom snapped these photos as I was running into Neyland Stadium… seriously the best finish of any race!
I hit a wall at mile 10… for some reason I always hit a wall at that point… however, when I saw the finish line and my kiddos and husband cheering me on the adrenaline kicked in and helped me finish strong.
My goal has always been 2:10 – I knew around mile 9 that that was not going to happen… and honestly I was okay with it.  I kept telling myself “I just ran a half marathon 4 1/2 months after having a baby”.  That in itself was a huge accomplishment for me.
Of course I had to snap a photo of my Garmin.
(Half #3) My official race time was 2:19:07
(Half #2) Last years Knoxville Half was 2:22:30
(Half #1) Secret City Half November 2011 – 2:21:31

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