September 29, 2013

Colton’s 5th Birthday

September 29, 2013

Colton had a great birthday (back in June… oops… I’m still getting caught up).

Just like Claire, what he enjoyed the most was having family together in one spot.  The children love when everyone comes over to the house.

Here is Chris and his momma…  such a good picture of the two of them!


This guy is just the cutest thing ever.  He too was happy celebrating big brothers birthday.


Colton loved everyone singing to him.  I think the birthday song is the most special part of any birthday.




Blow out the candles!


I love when he gets so tickled…


This is one of the best smiles in the whole world!


Colton has NO desire to eat cake or icing.  I think next year I will make him a loaf of cinnamon bread for his birthday… it is one of his favorite things to eat.  Everyone wanted him to stick his face in the cake so he obliged – sort of.


He is definitely not my messy kid.  We will leave that title for his sister.


Colton never ask for anything… its sweet and nice, but makes it hard to purchase gifts for him.  Even now when Chris and I think of something he might like we write it down for Christmas idea.  He is hard to buy for, but he is the most fun to watch open gifts.  He is always surprised and always so thankful and appreciative. 


I cannot believe my first born is now five!  He is no longer a toddler… that fact alone makes me a little sad.  I love you Colton Michael Brooks!

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September 27, 2013

Colton’s 5th Birthday Morning

September 27, 2013

I will get caught up … I will get caught up!  This is what I keep telling myself!  Three kiddos, a booming Pampered Chef business, and life have really taken priority over my blog… However, I REALLY want to get caught up!!

Here is my sweet first born on his 5th birthday morning!DSC_0642

I love being able to look back on these pictures over the past five years.  He is such a sweet boy and loves to sleep!


Turn my light off!


Colton loves when I put Beckham in the bed with him…


Beckham is pretty wild about his brother too…


Brotherly love!


I still cannot believe that my first born is five!

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September 25, 2013


September 25, 2013
About 20 months ago I decided to give this Pampered Chef thing a try.  My goals were minimal – get out of the house a little.  Quickly, I fell in love with the business and all it had to offer.  As time progressed so did my goals.  Director was NEVER a goal of mine.  I did not see it as something attainable and I certainly did not desire it.

The Lord had other plans.  In October of last year I recruited my first team member – a long time friend.  In March of this year I promoted to Director with The Pampered Chef and in April to Advanced Director.
Last week I made it out of my comfort zone (leaving my husband and children at home) and I traveled to Minneapolis to meet up with my Pampered Chef family to celebrate our achievements.

AD Pic

I had the opportunity to meet our CEO and Director of Sale.

Director Photo - Copy

… and I had the privilege of celebrating my accomplishments alongside so many other outstanding and amazing women!!

AD Pic 3

The Pampered Chef makes dreams come true… even those that you had not thought up!  I am a business owner… I am in charge of my financial future and I am loving every minute of it!!


Thank you to my amazing husband!  Without his SUPPORT and LOVE none of this would be possible!  He is my rock, my sounding board, my love, and the greatest father to our children!  I love you Christopher Michael Brooks and I am so incredible grateful to call you mine!

Thank you to my sister Allison for asking and thank you to Amanda for believing in me every step of the way.  Next stop… Executive!

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September 12, 2013

Birthday Morning

September 12, 2013

Birthday morning pictures are a tradition and here is Claire bright and early on her third birthday!!


Yes, she refuses to sleep in clothes!!

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September 11, 2013

Opening Day

September 11, 2013

T-ball was so much fun this past spring/summer.

Opening Day kept being delay because of the weather, but they officially did it halfway through the season.  Better late than never… right?


Not sure what is up with his goofy posture, but he did this all ball season.


After opening ceremonies it was time to play!









We loved watching brother play, even if it meant hanging out in the rain!DSC_0605

Claire loved having her own umbrella.


I will be honest… I had to hold back the tears a little when he received the game ball!  His first! 


His sister was so proud of him too!

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mission: Family Photo

Family photos are darn near impossible…

Here are a few of our attempts.

Colton laying all over me and Claire not wanting to smile.  Beckham was infatuated with Claire.


Claire was made because Colton was standing up… yes, this is life with a girl.


Everyone is actually looking toward the camera and my sixth month old looks like a deer in headlight.


When these two love on each other like this it makes my heart sooooo happy!


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My Worker

My husband has one of the best work ethics of anyone I know and I really want to instill this into our children.  No time better than the present to start ;)

Here is Colton helping Daddy lay mulch this summer.


It was so hot and super hard work and this little guy did a good job helping.


Claire and I watched… and took pictures.


She is not a fan and prefers to run around without clothes!  I have to tell her over and over that when we are outside she has to keep her clothes on.


Colton did require a few breaks here and there… he loved hanging out in the old work truck.  Claire was NOT a fan of the truck – at all!


Happy summer days!

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September 10, 2013

Colton Graduates k4

September 10, 2013

This is proof I am very far behind! 

In the middle of May Colton officially graduated K4!  It was such an emotional night for me… the thought of my little on going into Kindergarten had me in tears.

Here he is with two of his favorite girls.  They have been together for three years now!


Parading into the sanctuary!  He was holding his book that he got to read for the crowd.  Proud momma for sure!


“Hi Colton!!!”


He loved his tie… such a cutie!


Singing with his girls!


God has blessed us with the opportunity to send our children to an incredible Christian school.  It has been the biggest blessing!  I am so excited to see what the Lord is going to do in Colton’s life this school year.

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