September 9, 2013

Claire Turned 3

September 9, 2013

Since Colton got out of preschool in early May life has been NON-STOP wild.  Life with three small children is hectic, but honestly I am loving it!  Most days I am sleep deprived and I could not tell you the last time my entire house was all clean at the same time.  However, I realize these moments will not last forever and so I am trying to enjoy every little moment possible.  Since May I have neglected my blog in a bad way!  I am hoping to get caught up this week and back on track!  I want to be sure to capture all these moments in print. 

What better way to start than with my sweet baby girls third birthday!!

More than the gifts or the yummy food I think Colton and Claire just love hanging out with their family and friends!  This is expecially true for their cousin Bryson.  Before we had cake they play a round of tball.


The grill master – a.k.a Daddy – made yummy hamburgers and hotdogs for everyone!


Even baby Beckham tried to get in on the action!


Colton and Claire love their cousin Bryson… as we all do! 


She loved when everyone sang happy birthday to her…


But what she loved even more was her pink icing on her yummy cake!


Claire is very much our little princess and she loves all things princess!!  Everyone did great with all her birthday gift, especially aunt Amy!!  The look on Claire’s face here is priceless.


She loved this chair and her beach towel!  Nana got her a similar chair and she keeps them both in her room – along with all of her most prized possessions.


The princess gifts just kept coming… aunt Amy out did herself.


Blue glass slippers just like Cinderella!


Colton tried out her scooter and helmet.


This is the only time we have been able to get her to wear these goggles.


Such a happy smile from the birthday girl!


I cannot believe my baby girl is three!

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