September 29, 2013

Colton’s 5th Birthday

September 29, 2013

Colton had a great birthday (back in June… oops… I’m still getting caught up).

Just like Claire, what he enjoyed the most was having family together in one spot.  The children love when everyone comes over to the house.

Here is Chris and his momma…  such a good picture of the two of them!


This guy is just the cutest thing ever.  He too was happy celebrating big brothers birthday.


Colton loved everyone singing to him.  I think the birthday song is the most special part of any birthday.




Blow out the candles!


I love when he gets so tickled…


This is one of the best smiles in the whole world!


Colton has NO desire to eat cake or icing.  I think next year I will make him a loaf of cinnamon bread for his birthday… it is one of his favorite things to eat.  Everyone wanted him to stick his face in the cake so he obliged – sort of.


He is definitely not my messy kid.  We will leave that title for his sister.


Colton never ask for anything… its sweet and nice, but makes it hard to purchase gifts for him.  Even now when Chris and I think of something he might like we write it down for Christmas idea.  He is hard to buy for, but he is the most fun to watch open gifts.  He is always surprised and always so thankful and appreciative. 


I cannot believe my first born is now five!  He is no longer a toddler… that fact alone makes me a little sad.  I love you Colton Michael Brooks!

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