September 10, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

September 10, 2013

Memorial day weekend marked the beginning of the summer and for us that means our first official weekend on the lake!  We love being at the lake.  The children enjoy every moment of it – whether they are inside or outside.

This was Beckham’s first memorial day and his first time down on the dock! 


The boys love the paddle boat!  Poor Mitchell was doing all the work.


Then Bryson showed up and all was right in the world!


Beckham sang himself to sleep and slept right in my arms on the dock.  Moments like this I absolutely cherish!


We decided to take a family ride in the paddle boat.


The kids probably love the paddle boat the best… we loved watching them play.


Chris and I started our morning with a tough six miler and ended the day soaking up some sun with family!  It was a great weekend.

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