November 14, 2013

He’s One!

November 14, 2013

On 11-12-13 this sweet baby boy turned one.

11-13-12 (9)

I have struggled for a week to fight back the tears.  The emotion of this sweet boys first birthday has been so overwhelming.  Now I sit here with a few minutes of quiet in my house and the tears are flowing.  When I got pregnant for the third time I was more overwhelmed than you can imagine.  I had no clue how on earth I was going to juggle being a mom of three children four and under.  While it has not been easy, it certainly has been rewarding.

Beckham is the sweetest baby on the planet.  He is so snuggly and so sweet.  I can say with complete confidence that I have soaked up as much of him as possible for the past year.  He has slept nestled in my arm more times than I can count.  He has snuggled up next to me sucking his thumb and snoozing away in my bed more than the older two combined and he is still attached to his momma at least four times a day!  Yes, I am still nursing this sweet baby boy.

Without fail on almost every outing someone comments on how happy he is.  He is definitely a joyful baby and has brought so much joy to our home.  You cannot look at him without seeing his dad which on many occasions takes my breath away.

Beckham Christopher you are loved with a love that only Christ can put in our hearts.  It is a love that is so deep and so profound that it is impossible to find the word to describe.  So to put it simply … I love you to the moon and back!

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