November 2, 2013

My Little Fisher-girl

November 2, 2013

Claire was so excited when her papaw bought her a pink princess fishing pole.  She carried it around the house for two weeks telling me she wanted to go fishing.  So over memorial day weekend we took it to the lake and her Papaw set up her rod and they were set!


She did not want me to go with her.  “Just me and Papaw she said”.  I knew I had to get pictures so I ask her if Aunt Amy could come along… of course she said yes.


Papaw let her do the work and bam… she caught her first fish!!  Not sure who was more excited, Claire or her Papaw.


You have to kiss your fish before throwing it back in…


… and then of course Papaw needs a smooch too!


My kiddos are so blessed to have such great grandparents and to be able to create such wonderful memories like these.  Hopefully next time Claire will let momma tag along.  Love that girl!

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