January 14, 2014

Beckham’s First Birthday

January 14, 2014

I feel like a terrible mom because it has taken me two months to write about Beckham’s first birthday.  I am working to get caught up… I do not want to miss writing about any of these special moments! 

Today, as I am typing this Beckham is fourteen months old.  Its shocking to me that my third born is a toddler.  He still seems like such a little baby, and I am doing my best to soak up every possible moment with him.


He did not feel well on his birthday, but you would not know it by these pictures.  He loved hearing everyone sing “Happy Birthday” to him.


Claire and Aunt Amy enjoying the festivities. 


He picked at the cake a little…


then a little more…


and then he finally went in!


Papaw is known for smashing faces in cake on the first birthday… he played nice though and Beckham enjoyed it on his own.


The it was time to open gifts.


He enjoyed opening them…


… and Colton & Claire enjoyed helping.


He loved his blanket from Nana!!


I think we can say he had a great day!


Love him soooo much!

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Halloween 2013

On our way for some Halloween fun!


Claire wanted to be Cinderella and Chris went and purchased her a new dress.  She was in heaven.


I tried to get Colton to do something else, but he wanted to be a fireman which is what he did for community service day at school.


Daddy do a good job keeping us in line…


Yay… a book!


Claire and one of her best friends from school!


My little pumpkin!  He is not a fan of anything on his head so I was shocked he left on this hat as long as he did.

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January 13, 2014

First Birthday Morning

January 13, 2014

Birthday morning pictures as so important to me.  I stress over them.  Seriously.  I always tell Chris – if you get “insert kids name” up before I get up be sure to snap a photo before getting them out of bed.  He always remembers. 

Well… he almost always remembers.  What better way though to remember this little guys first birthday than to have him re-wake up next to me in bed!?  Besides, he is the only one who has slept with me this much!  As a matter of fact the other two never slept with me as a baby.

He’s just so darn snuggly!


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The many Faces of Beckham–11 months old


In 30 seconds you can go from this…


to this!

Boy do I love that boy!

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Get Papaw!

Words not necessary!


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Fall Break Part 5

Not sure what Beckham was so excited about, but I love picture!


Little B got in on the action too getting to ride the train with Papaw.


Sweet Cousins!


Beckham being a wild child!


Such a fun trip.  Love making memories.

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Fall Break Part 3

Before we know it these two will be running around everywhere!DSC_0102
If there is a carousel nearby Colton will find it.  He loves to ride them.
They all really enjoyed the train.
It was hot… super hot.  There were moments when I was not sure if the kids were having fun or miserable.
I have mentioned it so many times… Colton use to be the timid one.  Chris and I shake our heads all the time now because it was not that long ago that we struggled to even get him to go down a slide.  This past summer he really took a big turn.  It makes me happy to see my boy having so much fun and doing new things.
As I went through these pictures and started this blog post I laughed at myself.  I cannot believe I put my baby girl on a go-cart by herself!!  It was a tiny little track that just went around in a circle, but still… what was I thinking??
Colton loved it!  His favorite part!
Claire on the other hand… she was miserably upset!  She could not figure it out so one of the guys who worked there helped her out.  He rode like this the entire time.
Mom!  What were you thinking!?

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January 12, 2014

Pretty Piggies

January 12, 2014

I have painted Claire’s toes several times, but never her fingers.  We saved that for Aunt Amy.


So serious!



She LOVED having her fingernails painted!


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