January 13, 2014

Fall Break Part 3

January 13, 2014
Before we know it these two will be running around everywhere!DSC_0102
If there is a carousel nearby Colton will find it.  He loves to ride them.
They all really enjoyed the train.
It was hot… super hot.  There were moments when I was not sure if the kids were having fun or miserable.
I have mentioned it so many times… Colton use to be the timid one.  Chris and I shake our heads all the time now because it was not that long ago that we struggled to even get him to go down a slide.  This past summer he really took a big turn.  It makes me happy to see my boy having so much fun and doing new things.
As I went through these pictures and started this blog post I laughed at myself.  I cannot believe I put my baby girl on a go-cart by herself!!  It was a tiny little track that just went around in a circle, but still… what was I thinking??
Colton loved it!  His favorite part!
Claire on the other hand… she was miserably upset!  She could not figure it out so one of the guys who worked there helped her out.  He rode like this the entire time.
Mom!  What were you thinking!?

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