January 12, 2014

Fall Break Part II

January 12, 2014

After being at the cabin a few days we were joined by the rest of the family.  Claire shared her Cinderella dress up stuff with her cousin Keylee.


Claire made sure her dress fit properly (as good as it could) and showed her how to use the wand.  Claire is a little miss “mother hen”.


I hope these two grow up to be great friends!


They look so much alike now many mistake them for sisters… or they think Claire belongs to aunt Beth!


Colton had to get in on the action of the picture snapping…

He is getting so big… it feels like just yesterday we were at the cabin announcing our first pregnancy to everyone.


This picture says so much.  Claire is super possessive about her things.  She is not selfish, but she does not like for her things to get messed up – I remember being this way as a child.  She really stresses out about it.  So I can tell in the picture she is really keeping an eye on Keylee making sure she is not going to make-off with her stuff (ha ha).  Also, she is super tired because she is rubbing her blanky.  I love that silly girl and her blanky.


Helping get the glass slippers back in place.


And now it is time to dance!


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