April 12, 2014


April 12, 2014

If it is not obvious from my blog, having a third child has left me a little distracted.  My blog – which I LOVE has been the most neglected over the past year.  Something has to give – right?

My days run like a well oiled machine, if not someone is going to be miserable… and usually that someone is me.  I live on a calendar and by a strict schedule during the day.  I feel like I have to schedule not only when we will eat, but when I will do laundry, play with the kids, take my shower, brush my teeth… you get the idea.

Since Beckham was born I feel discombobulated.  Scatter brained.  Its frustrating.  I use to REALLY have it together.  No, really… I did!  I use to be more organized, put together and on my toes.  Now… now I am lucky if I remember to put the kids lunches in the right backpacks or pay a bill on time.  For example, Claire’s ballet school sent me home with a packet of info including instructions on when/where to purchase recital tickets and how to enroll her for next year.  I read all the info while in the car, but  I have NO clue where that packet is now!  It throws me in a panic inside not knowing where something is. 

Last week the Kindergarten director at our school met me at the door when I picked up Colton.  Apparently, I had not sent in their registration info for next year.  They had opened it up to the public and she was concerned about the classes filling up.  I was SO embarrassed!  I mean really… filling out paperwork and sending it back to school with the children should not be a hard task.  Then when I do go to re-enroll them I realize I am OUT of checks!  Not just out in my checkbook, but COMPLETELY OUT!!!  How does this happen?  I know this may not sound that bad to some, but when stuff like this happens over and over – I am so embarrassed.

During the day I am so bad about attempting to multi-task with household chores.  Need proof?  I walked back into the kitchen to this the other day.  This is why you should not try to do dishes and laundry at the same time.  Stick to one task!


Just a few seconds from a complete mess.  Oh yeah, and just a month ago I backed into my mothers car – in – my – driveway!  ugh!  Hello insurance deductible!


Distractions arise and stuff like this happens…


He is always into mischief … just like his little sister.

Oh, but the best is this…. and the thing is – this happens ALL THE TIME!


So what do you do?  I have chosen to laugh… laugh at myself and of course snap photos of the mayhem. 

One day I will have it all together again, right?

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