April 14, 2014

Work Hard

April 14, 2014
Chris and I love to to listen to James MacDonald.  In one of his sermons he talks about the importance of family values.  He tells about his middle name “Sherwood” which was his grandmother’s maiden name.  He says that his grandmother, an apparent wise woman, use to say to him “James, you’re a Sherwood and Sherwood’s work hard”.

How could you as a parent not love that!?  Since then we developed our own set of “family values” and have them posted on the front of our refrigerator.  As you may guess “work hard” is one of them.  My husband has an AMAZING work ethic.  He works hard, he never complains, he has never had entitlement issues and he loves the Lord.  His parents would not allow him to start a task without finishing it.  This is what I want of my children… no matter what they’re doing in life – do it for The Lord!


This guy is working hard to be the best little T-ball player he can be!  Saturday at his first game of the season he hit his first “coach pitched” ball… this momma was beyond proud!

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