May 9, 2014


May 9, 2014

Easter Sunday I stood outside the dressing room listening to Colton talk to his Daddy.  “Dad I know Jesus is in my heart, he’s there forever and there is nothing that can ever take him away”.  Oh, it was one of the most precious moments ever. 

When Colton told me a month earlier (the first day of Spring) that he had ask Jesus into his heart (at school) I was so thrilled.  Part of me though was a tad envious that his precious teacher was the one who got to lead him in a sinners prayer and not me or his father.  As I stood there though, outside of that room, I know the Lord was giving me the gift of hearing my sweet son proclaim his love for our Savior.












Chris waded the waters with Colton and our Pastor.  He offered up the sweetest prayer of thanks and gratitude.  It was such a full circle moment for us.  Chris was baptized here by the same pastor as a child and myself as a teenager.  This is the church where he proposed and the Pastor who officiated our wedding.  Such a great history.IMG_7175

There is no experience quite like the birth of a child.  My birth experiences were almost magical and surreal.  I have never experienced the presence of God like I have at the birth of my children.  Easter Sunday though was amazing watching the “rebirth” of my oldest son.  I lack the ability to put into words just how I feel, how full my heart is.  IMG_7184

As he went back into the dressing room Colton said, “Oh I cannot wait for Claire to get saved and baptized Dad”.  What a true testament to the work of the Lord.

We were so thankful that so many of our family were here to share in this great day!

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