June 27, 2014

Goals & Beast Mode

June 27, 2014

Last year I ran a Summer Solstice Half and loved it!  My girlfriend Christine and I ran it together and had so much fun.  Well… we ran the first three miles together and she left me in her dust.  ha ha.

Chris volunteered to help me on one of my long runs.

7.5 miles – 83 and SUNNY!


It was seriously one of the hardest runs ever.  I think I stopped six times in seven and half miles.  We were both dying from the heat.  Chris amazed me though – he had not ran since our half about eight weeks prior.  He did so good… He’s a beat I tell you!

I had every intention of repeating my efforts this year, but was a slacker on my training.  Then I did too much too fast and hurt my ankle.  Once I said I was not going to do it I felt so relieved.  Funny how that works sometimes.  I have my eyes set on some bigger goals for the fall and next spring.  I’m hoping to keep myself healthy so I can get there!

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