June 28, 2014

Tennis Lesson #1

June 28, 2014

I have been really excited to get Colton started in Tennis lessons.  Finally at six we feel like he is ready.  These are photos from his first lesson this spring.


The instructor was so patient with him and did a wonderful job with positive feedback.  Something that Colton’s thrives on. 


Colton seemed to pick it up quickly and he really enjoyed himself.


Of course little Miss and baby B wanted to go and explore while brother played.  These steps were too tempting to pass up.  Isn’t that building so beautiful!?


Seriously we are so blessed with this amazing view virtually in our back yard.  We have access to a beautiful college campus.  I had lessons yesterday morning and watched the sunrise over the ridge as I played.  It was so beautiful.


I’m excited to see how Colton grows and develops with this sport!

I foresee a lot more tennis in our future.

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