August 19, 2014

Full Circle moment–Last Day of School

August 19, 2014

This summer I have made every conscious effort possible to not talk about the upcoming school year.  But here it is and I can no longer ignore it.  Tomorrow has been on my mind a lot and made me remember that I did not even blog about the last day of school for last school year!  Ooops.

May was a rough month – we all, but Chris had the flu.  As you can see in these pictures Colton was still not himself.


Chris was out of town on a business trip for their last day and oddly enough missed their first day of school last year too.  On the first day last year I remember driving them with such anxiety.  Instead of movies or music in the van we prayed.  Colton prayed, Claire prayed and I prayed.  It was one of the sweetest moments ever.  I remember so specifically praying for their safety and for their hearts.  Praying that God will soften their hearts to his word and that His timing would be perfect in their lives.

We spent the last day drive just as we did the first day drive – praying.  However, the prayers from myself were prayers of Thanksgiving.  The tears streamed down my face as I praised the Lord for all He had done in that school year.  He kept my children safe and my sweet Colton gave his life to Christ.  What more could a momma ever ask?  I was so happy to have that FULL CIRCLE moment.


Claire loved K3 soooo much and was upset every time I would mention the last day.  “But mom I will miss Mrs. Shannon so much!”  Colton – well he loved his teacher and friends, but he was excited about being home with Momma every day!


Colton is definitely my lover… He loves on everyone… and sometimes his sister will even love on him!



Of course we had to get a teacher with one of her favorite people in the world!


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