August 21, 2014

This Boy!

August 21, 2014

Beckham has changed so much this summer.  He has grown into a fun and feisty little man.  He loves to “wrestle”… if you are laying in the floor he is on you in a second.

I love that he was carrying around Claire’s Doc McStuffin doctor tool in his pocket.


Beckham came walking in the kitchen about 2 weeks ago like this … I seriously cracked up.  He was ‘hiding’… “where’s the baby!?”  So funny that he could pull the shirt up all by himself! 

He has discovered hiding and hide-n-seek and loves it.  He will put his hands over his eyes and say “two two two” – like he’s counting.


I just love this face!!


These were Colton’s sunglasses when he was B’s age.  Beckham loves them – when he puts them on he says “I see you!”


Notice the pink?  That’s his “yaya”.  It’s a Pampered Chef spatula that he would not let out of his sight for weeks!


This boy is sweet and wild and we love him so much!!

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