March 1, 2016


March 1, 2016
As I stood in the back yesterday morning watching others shake hands and snap photographs with the candidate - I held Beckham up on my shoulders and I just wanted to cry. I'm worried. I'm fearful. My heart aches at the poor decisions that are being made today. I mourn for my children and their generation because I know that will have to pick up the pieces and fix what my generation is destroying.  I’m a child of the Reagan generation – what generation are my children going to be a part of?

My hope is that Chris and I will raise them to be responsible, God fearing adults who will in time of need rise up and do something! Hard workers - we want them to be hard workers. Honest, full of integrity and love for fellow man and country.  As the rally finished up I moved to the back and ended up next to a well dressed older gentleman who made a sweet comments about Beckham. I looked him dead in the eye and ask "are you hopeful" - because in that moment I was nothing but fearful. He so eloquently and simply said "that is why were here right!?"

For the rest of the day I thought about what he said.  It hit a chord.  It gave me reassurance.  I know that my eternal hope is in Christ and my home in Heaven – I also know that the Lord understands our concerns and worries with things of this world.  This is why I take the responsibility of voting very serious and I become frustrated with those who do not.  My frustrations are for not.

The first time I heard Marco Rubio speak was the RNC convention in 2012 when he introduced Mitt Romney. At the time, like so many others, I did not think there was a chance that Americans would be ignorant enough to vote in Obama for a 2nd term. I remember telling my husband, this guy (Rubio) will be in the mix during the next election. Here we are - 4 years later.  I struggled for a while on deciding on a candidate and I went to that rally to find reassurance.

The older gentleman ended up being a country commissioner.  When I returned home that evening I sent him an email thanking him for his words.  HIs email response once again was poignant and spot on.  He said that we must encourage the disheartened (which is what he did for me) and that we must pray because God is listening and this is when things can change.  He finished with this which I want to share with all of you:
When we see something that needs to be fixed and we can fix it...then we need to fix it. When we see someone who needs help and we can help them...then we need to help. People should not wait on the government to solve problems that we can solve. We each have the ability to make a difference in lives.

Be hopeful.  Be prayerful.  Make a difference.

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